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We are excited to make a selection of our popular imapReports available to the industry. Our reports are highly prescriptive, succinct, and easy to understand. Use them to trigger fresh conversations and build lucrative workshops with your clients!

Available imapReports include:

Relational Reports, comparing two respondents (Consultant Price $9.99)
  • Working Together See sample
    Solve the mystery of why two people can’t get along! Working Together identifies similarities and differences in two people’s goals (interests) and behaviors (strengths) as well as contrasting behavior with someone else’s needs.

Personal Reports, describing one respondent (Consultant Price $5.99)
  • How to Succeed Under Pressure See sample
    We all react to pressure differently. When our motivational needs are unmet, we move into ineffective reactive behavior. This report provides situational tips on working through and out of stress.

  • Manage Meetings See sample
    Strengths lead to certain tendencies when in charge of a gathering, some that may not be productive. Use our tips to advise a leader how to read a room, adapt pace/messaging and leave participants energized.

  • Strengths Summary See sample
    Use this succinct guide to help your client understand the strengths they have acquired and explain their preferred way of leading in management situations. Convey these strengths, and the potential liability impact, to advise your client on how to modify and adjust behaviors appropriately for challenging business scenarios.

  • Coaching Conversations See sample
    Frame critical conversations with individuals around their most dominant behaviors. Coaching Conversations will help them see the 'other side’ and how they need to manage and adapt behavior to achieve their goals.

Note: Personal Reports can be generated in either second person ("you/your")
or third person ("he/she").

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